Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yawn, out of blog hibernation

Its been a while but just in case anyone really cares here is my moth activity update for the last 12 months.
. Last two posts were about rules changes? Still nothing finalised but I was on a committee of review and our decisions are being drafted into a rule proposal by Adam May for a vote sometime. Seems almost everyone else has forgotten and does not care any more.
. Just before my last post Sawdust and Soot died. The ultra light ply hull broke in two while sailing. I must have been too embarrassed to tell anyone.
. Dave Lister kindly leant me his original Manic for the Belmont worlds which I used with my foils and rig.
. Belmont regatta was a great success for IMCA Aus but not for me. I broke a lot of my stuff and none of Dave's for many alphabet results.
. After the regatta I got Karma back form Chris Dey, who almost got into the A fleet with it after minimal sailing beforehand.
. Only sailed it a few times before getting some angina pains, resulting in a heart stent and no more sailing that season. Resultant rehab has me now fitter than I have been for years.
. Over the winter I put a new working deck on Karma and lowered the wings and tramp down to normal levels. Built a new main foil from Bruce McLeod's new mold, simplified and stengthenned a lot of stuff and repainted the hull white.
. This season the boat proved much more reliable but the new foil seems to have a 20kt speed limit, as well as launching late. I'll fit a different foil before trying to sell it.
. Went to Nationals briefly with slow boat and poor settings for rough location.
. Bit the bullet and bought a Mach2 last week after deciding that I have had enough of making carbon dust. I figuring I have only a few more years of moth sailing left so might as well enjoy the sailing part of it even more. And looking at all the other Sydney fleet options I could not find anything else worth sailing.
. Aust will be bidding for a 2015 worlds at Geelong which is worth hanging in for even if I will be nearly 65 by then.
. So sorry for the few readers who like hearing about my latest experiments. Thats over, so you will probably not need to check with me again. I'll be just one of the multidue on one of those black boats going much faster than I used to be with any luck.


Fred said...

Great to read. Been there with the saw dust and all. Built a couple of my own DN's but made a big jump in the ranking after buying some good equipment and spending more time sailing the thing.

My personnel goal is Hawaii and than I will be 65. No worries at all.

Have done a lot of DN sailing lately but do to some "problems" not being in the mood to blog.

Karl said...

Glad to hear the stent and rehab have had the desired effect and not inhibited your desire to Moth Phil!

I will expect more frequent blog posts now that you have more reliable transportation!

Can we infer from your post that Hawaii is on the agenda?